Anger management wearable monitor

Houston-based company BioSentient, presided by ex-astronaut Mae Jemison, is working on MobileMe, a device that monitors the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls breathing, sweating, heart rate, and digestion.

It picks up on slight changes to help diagnose medical and behavioral conditions, such as anxiety disorders, neurological complications stemming from diabetes, attention deficit disorder, and even anger-management problems. For example, a patient in anger management therapy could observe his increased heart rate and blood pressure before he actually felt angry, learn to identify the causes of these reactions, and control his outbursts.


MobileMe is a half-pound device with sensors incorporated into a shirt or undergarment so that body functions can be measured noninvasively. Data can be displayed on on a wrist display similar to a watch, or transmitted to a doctor wirelessly or over the Internet. MobileMe should become available at the end of 2005.

Via SmartMobs Fortune.
More info in the PDF presenting the product.
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