After a few weeks of NGP

And now some self-promotion. The top 8 of my new pet, no-garlic-please.

pooooooooooooooodl.jpgseo_AC05_64.jpg18under250.jpgConstruction workers on the catwalk under Tokyo; Hideki Seo’s fashion collection inspired by the eskimos (yeah, i agree with you, can’t imagine eskimos wearing that either but i love his work); the Airpouf a cute hoover which doubles as a comfortable sitting place; the Poodle Chair, a hairy chair that you can shave like a poodle; Michael Young gives glamour to an aesthetic surgery clinic in Taiwan; weird but irresistible ceramics; knife that jut from the walls, TNT detornator close to baby’s crib, satiny pools of blood and delicately stitched vomit across a gallery floor; Chameleon lamp, etc.


Big thanks to everyone who talked about no garlic or linked to it: Emily, Nicolas, Josie, Pixel, Mark, Javier, and the guys at Apartment Therapy, gadgetblog, mocoloco, newstoday, popnutten, gridskipper, the coolhunter, thanks Adnan for your kind words and thanks to those i’ve forgotten or still haven’t tracked.

By the way, I love garlic.