About to enter an offline tunnel

Hi dear readers, i’m going to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of my blog on the dentist chair. I’m off tomorrow for Belgium then The Netherlands where i’ve got a few people to meet (including my family who haven’t seen me for over a year) and exhibitions to check out. I’ll have next to no access to the internet and as you might guess i am less than thrilled by the perspective, although the hope that i might catch a glimpse of our lovely prince somewhere in the land of waffles and mussels is already warming my heart.

0palygjammm.jpgI’ll be meeting the organisers of Temps d’Images, Ferme du Buisson on Friday. I’ll present them with the fantastic proposals for guerrilla installations and performances some of you have already sent me but if you still wonder whether your own project might fit the festival, just drop me a line with a link to your piece or a text describing your work.

As a reminder: the festival takes place in France but you don’t have to be French to apply, you can send me the proposal in french too if you’re not comfortable with english.

Your works should invade in an engaging way the spaces outside the Ferme du Buisson: the street, the RER stations, bus and bus stops, shopping centers, parking lots, etc. Any places where the attention of passersby can be called to aspects of their everyday urban environment they might overlook or just ignore.

Which means that your public will sometimes be the art crowd but most of the time your piece will be discovered by people who are just shopping or commuting to and from work or are back from a trip from nearby Paris “branch” of Disney Land.

Image is taken from Playful Parasites – Augmenting an existing playground in Urban Space with Digital Media, a work that Sascha blogged previously and that Richard The has just put online. Very cool videos!