A place where it rains, but not on you

Ole Kristensen‘s flyt dig software lets your computer make a drawing based on motion. It detects motion through a web cam, decides a direction, and draws a line.

If you place the cam in front of a tv set flyt dig will provide you with great moments of “automated media consumption.”


flyt dig is available for download on your own pc.

Via Neural.

Kristensen is also a member of Tabla.dk. The group built Regntid, a circular room made of iron clad in green leaves. It is raining inside the room, except where you’re standing. No matter where you go in the rain, it will stop falling right above your head (I want a gigantic version of it for my next trip to Belgium.)


They modified the installation for the HalfMachine festival, turning it into a rain and light sculpture that also worked as a stage for the performers, some of whom were wearing costumes of gelatine that would disintergrate in the rain.