How To Disappear Kit

The How to Disappear kit is a counter-reaction to the ever increasing surveillance of citizens.

Packaged in anonymous video cassette cases, the DIY kit contains a selection of “disappearance-articles” along with usage instructions, a catalogue with gadgets and tips, and information on the subject.

The aim of the project is not to invite people to disappear, but to take part in the debate and demand the respect for their own private life.

The “How to disappera kit” was part of a series of concepts by 3rd and 4th year students of Graphic Design and Interactive Media. Bearing the title Surveillance DK:UK, the projects attempted to exemplify the nature of surveillance in Denmark and London.

The Kit will be on display at the exhibition SAFE: Design Takes on Risk, on 9 Oct 2005 – 2 Jan 2006, at MOMA in New York.

Via Guerilla Innovation.

Going back in 1995: London-based designers Vexed Generation created the Vexed Parka to comment on the escalation of CCTV surveillance in London in the 90s. It features a hood and collar that closes over the mouth and nose, but leaving the eye area open.