Embrace is a concept bracelet that enables the user to be seamlessly connected to their significant other over periods of separation.


It consists of five nodes:
– an LCD screen displaying images sent via Bluetooth.
– the battery.
– the technical components that fuel this device.
– a camera lens that constantly records images until the user specifically shoots an image by gently grasping each side of the lens node, which uses “touch sensitive” technology.
– a scent palette that emits one of five odors chosen by the owner of the device indicating an incoming image from their significant other. For exemple, when you receive the scent of pina-coloda, others may be able to smell it as well, but only you will really know why it smells like pina-coloda

The shape of Embrace allows the bracelets to unite with one another.

Embrace is a project by Lisa Thomas and Jonathan Fitch, students at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Via core77.

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