Vital Signs, by nARCHITECTS, is an interactive installation project designed to disseminate breaking news about science to visitors in the Liberty Science Centre (NJ). A continuous moebius strip of LEDs interspersed with projections would allow visitors to view streaming information from all sides of the atrium. A ladder-rung structure consists of an outer aluminum edge rail joined together by intermittent rungs. Plexi ribs supporting the LED’s and translucent plexi projection surfaces span between the edge rails. Visitors can dynamically select topics or upload information from various points along the mezanine handrails.


Recently, nARCHITECTS had also created the Party Wall for the SoHo gallery Artists Space. The installation created a variable boundary in the gallery, dividing visitors into different sides of the room. The 5 cm-thick foam panels connect to servo motors, proximity sensors as well as pulleys and cables that react when the sensors detect motion nearby. The motors exert pression on the pulleys, lifting, depressing, expanding or compressing the foam into waves visitors can interact with.


Future versions of Party Wall could respond to light, heat or sound, and correspondingly modulate optical, thermal or acoustic attributes of a wall.