N=1=NPK=KIMCHI=N, a project by visual and performance artist Jae Rhim Lee, is a mobile living unit which consists of a urinal, urine processing system, hydroponic napa cabbage garden (which uses mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil), seedling growing area, a foam bed in the shape of her body, and a kitchen table.


The artist undertook the task to grow food using her own urine, with her body acting as a filter to maximize nutrients for growing the cabbage. She first sent her urine to a floriculture lab, followed a customized vegan diet designed to transform her urine into the ideal nutrient solution for plants.

She then used the resulting cabbage to cook kimchi and fed her colleagues and gallery visitors from the living unit.

With N=1=NPK=KIMCHI=N, Jae Rhim Lee synthesize concepts of the self-body, narcissism, death, and ecology to arrive at a methodology for the long-term preservation of the self and planet.

PDF of the research project.
Via capsula.

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