Venice Biennale: Juan Burgos at the pavilion of Uruguay

This year Uruguay decided to invite three artists to its pavilion. Juan Burgos’ flamboyant paper collages caught all my attention. The images i pasted below don’t do any justice to the works. Do click on the link to see the larger version of the picture:

0auruguaytotalepiccolo.jpgNuestro Amor, 2009 (larger version)

0aapokerfacccc.jpgNuestro Amor (detail)

0aaurgugaurydetail.jpgNuestro Amor, detail (larger version of the image)

0aadejeunerhellb.jpgDéjeuner sur l’herbe , 2009 (larger version)

00abuggeyei.jpgDéjeuner sur l’herbe (detail)