8gg big

XU is the editor of we-need-money-not-art, the Chinese version of wmmna. He studied Computer Science and his love for music triggered his interest for new media art. I asked him if he’d want to blog about the new media art scene in China. Here’s his first post:

8gg (short for ban gu ge in Chinese meaning eight-part song in English) is a multimedia duo from Beijing composed of Bao Yu and Jian Haiqing. They worked for Motorola, Panasonic, Microsoft and Apple. Everything about their work is big and real and always comes to you with shocks. It is not easy to be both big and real. Anyway they did it.

2.jpg2003 November, Beijing Sonar Festival

In the work by Yao Dajun, a girl is sharing her love experiences with another girl and the converation is taken from the real telephone call by a wireless scanner. The video used was some residual material from a documentary: the nervous look on the faces of different girls waiting for a interview.

3.jpg2003 November Beijing sonar

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