Zizi the Affectionate Couch

The 2 and a half meter length Zizi the Affectionate Couch, by the art-science team Stephen Barrass, Linda Davy and Kerry Richens, purrs when touched, growls when sat on and can become aroused if stroked. Left all alone, Zizi mews for attention.


Sewn into its upholstery is a myriad of touch sensitive devices that respond to the weight and movement of the person occupying the couch. The sensors activate nine vibrating audio device that simulate purring. Digital signal processing and behavioural algorithms determine her responses.

ZiZi invites speculation on the domestic setting of the future. Will it be a space in which furniture elicits from users intimate emotional responses and a person may be able to experience an orgasm by sitting on a chair?

If you’re in Seoul, go and touch Zizi at Media_city, the International Art Biennale till February 6, 2005.