Young Americans moblogging for politics

Two posts from Picturephoning about camphones, wireless carriers, students and politics in the US.

Student digital reporters to cover Democratic and Republican National Conventions

Armed with camera phones and access to Cingular Wireless service, journalism students will report on the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

These “digital reporters” will post pictures, audio and video to the moblog hosted at Cingular’s Election Headquarters.

The site powered by Textamerica, will go live on Monday, day one of the Democratic National Convention.

Cingular Wireless is sponsoring the students as a part of the Wireless Election Connection, a program encouraging young people to vote and play an important role in the political process.

Paddle for the Presidency

Some 15 colleage graduates are spending the summer canoeing the Mississippi, and stopping along the way to register voters, reports the Quincy Herald-Whig

“They’re hoping their natural enthusiasm will spread among their peers and get young people excited about the election.” They’re calling the project Paddle for the President.

The paddlers carry laptops with wireless Internet for online journals and camera phones, courtesy of U.S. Cellular.