You win if you’re relaxed

Still during Rebecca Allen’s talk:
The MindGames group at MIT media lab Europe which develops technologies that can expand and improve human potential, they rely on signals coming directly from our bodies to interact with technology.
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One of the Games is “Collective Calm“, it observes the “Galvanic Skin Response”, that phenomenon that happens when we are stressed or nervous, we start sweating and our body betrays that nervousness whether we want it or not.

Collective Calm is a biofeedback video game where you have to relax if you want to win.

Relaxation is measured via a handheld orb that measures each player’s Galvanic Skin Response, which is then wirelessly transmitted to the game.

It’s the exact opposite of many usual games that put players in a nervous state. Collective Calm also has the benefit to help players learn how they body react, responds, work to stimuli.