Thursday at the Fuori Salone

Yesterday was another day at the Salone (actually at the Fuori Salone, the name given to the hundreds of exhibitions scattered all over the city as opposed to I Saloni, the official and pompous part of the event).

A few projects i really liked:

0criiiipon9.jpg0crrriiop90.jpgCrispin Jones had framed several models of Mr Jones Watches and installed a choir of Tengu at Designersblock. Tengu is a charming little white usb accessory with a luminous face that responds to sound. Check the video and smile.

Tengu is produced by Solid Alliance, the manufacturers of gentlemen’s must have devices such as the sushi usb keys and the Ghost Radar.


The inside of Timorous Beasties‘s pendant lamps are covered with the usual hyper freaky/gorgeous pattern. When the light is switched off all you can see is a classic white lamp. The insects and reptiles creep up only when the light is on (see also their Malaria lampshades and low-life wallpapers.)


Also at designersblock, Matthew Plummer Fernandez‘s Sound Chair, a piece of furniture which design was guided by sound (not my cup of tea but i thought that some of you might find it interesting) and the Hulger guys were inviting visitors to confess their wildest sins in the Confessional booth.


In via Palermo, Sebastian Wrong was showing some quirky and elegant Font Clocks at Established and Sons. Based on the Grayson Time Management System, often present in UK post offices, banks, railway stations and airports, the clocks display 12 different fonts, all from the 20th century except for the gothic English Script, for the numbers indicating hours, minutes, days and months. The time fonts are the same for five minutes in every hour and at given moments within a year all the fonts will run together for five minutes.