Wmmna magical European tour

15 days with my little suitcase. Today, i’ll be at the Luminous Green symposium in the gardens of the Groenhoven estate, on the outskirts of Brussels. Organised by FoAM, the series of events calls upon the creative sector to enrich the public debate around environmental sustainability, ethical living and eco-technology. The plane to Brussels takes off from the once mighty but still stunning Tempelhoff. I do hope it’s not the last time i pass through that airport as it’s one of my favourite spots in the city.

0atempeljphh.jpgThe departure lounge at Tempelhof airport on a Friday lunchtime

On May 3 and 4, i’ll be in Newcastle (haven’t been there in a looong time) for a digital dinner, curated by Juha Huuskonen in the context of DOTT.

On May 5, i’ll be going to Amsterdam for the Mobile Music Workshop set up by Lalya Gaye and Atau Tanaka.

Sascha will be in town as well, to lecture at Mediamatic’s Hybrid World Lab before heading to Barcelona to cover OFFF, a festival that explores software aesthetics and new languages for interactive and visual expression.

On May 9, i’ll take the train to Eindhoven and give a talk at the Design Academy. On the 10th and 11th, i’ll be in London for the TakeAway festival. Located at the Dana centre, the event presents a mix of talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions focusing on the D-I-Y philosophy in relation to media, design and technology.

0tempelhaiijo.jpgRemnants of the plans for Hitler’s favorite airport, designed by Ernst Sagebiel to impress visitors to the planned capital of the victorious Reich

On the 12th back to Berlin. I’ll spend the day at the DESIGNMAI conference where i’ll share a panel with Reto Wettach (Professor for Interaction Design in Potsdam), Helena Hyvönen (Dean of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki) and Stefan Heidenreich (Media Theoretician from Berlin). In tune with this year’s theme –Digitalability, the symposium aims to highlight the ramifications of technology on the role of the designer and revolutions in the entire industry.

After that a zombie with the same name as me will run to C-Base (please guys! kill that annoying music) and participate to the taugshow #11 organised by the lovely Johannes Grenzfurthner from monochrom. The fussy macro-bio eater that i am will talk about meat while Karin Harrasser will explain why talking Science in the mode of Science Fiction still seems to be attractive and why SF is a restricted mode for science communication.

Hopefully all those events will cure my current disenchantment with new media art.

Image gallery of Tempelhof.