Tank Park

Within the next couple of years over 1500 oil-, gas- and acid tanks will be removed from the Norwegian socket. For the time being the oil industries solution is to remelt the tanks. It would be expensive and damage the resources.

With Tank Park Grethe Løland proposes to utilize the tanks as they are, connect them together and create a mobile submarine room.


The visitor will experience the ocean on the outside of the tank as well as feel the oceanic power while trying the chairs which, because of the water pressure, bobbles inwards in the tank.

The tanks will be adjusted to each other, welded together, submerged under the ocean surface and anchored to the sea floor with wires. Integrated in the multi-tank strucute, a vertical tank with a staircase will allow to ascend over the ocean surface and will connect Tank Park to land by bridge.

Besides, the exterior of the tanks will function as growth surfaces for plants, which attracts fish and will thus attract plant and animal life.

The proposal is part of Era05, in Oslo.
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