Wi-Fi housekeeping

Housekeeping Integrated solution (JiHi) from Palm Hospitality Technologies claims to present a double interest for hotels: it helps recoup the cost of their Wi-Fi network and increase the efficiency of their management.

Maids are equipped with PDAs that connect into the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Work assignments are sent to the maid’s device while she ticks off room-cleaning progress as she completes each task and transmits the information directly and continually back to the front desk.

If a guest in room 704 wants an extra pillow, the maid working on the seventh floor can get a message on her PDA in a matter of minutes.

At hotels where some maids struggle with English, JiHi is here to offer a translating hand: the housekeeping manager makes assignments, set schedules and monitor maid progress in English from her/his desk while requests and daily instructions appear in Spanish on the maid’s PDAs.


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