Who can you trust?

0whocanutrust.jpgI’m off to Berlin today because that’s where i’m going to be based from now on (yeah! yeah!) And because i’m going to attend the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress that will take place at the Berliner Congress Center from the 27th to the 30th of December 2006. Last year edition was an awful lot of fun and by the look of the list of talks this year should keep everyone entertained as well.

As the theme this year’s Congress is Who can you trust?, Jussi Angesleva, Katharina Becker and i have started a blog where we’ll gather projects that deal with issues of trust or rather the lack of it: anything that involves a critical approach of surveillance, sousveillance, electronic voting problems, our right to privacy, biometry, face recognition software, etc. There’s a quick and dirty list of projects online. It’s just a start and we’ll keep on working on it until my presentation of new media art projects that deal with the problems and necessities of trust at the Congress (not on the schedule yet).

If any of you have other relevant projects to suggest, we’ll add them to the blog and i’ll probably mention them during my presentation at 23C3. Let me know via comments here, on the other blog or via email. Thanks as always!