While i was walking through the streets of Firenze last week, i came across a contemporary art gallery, entered because that’s what art bloggers are supposed to do and discovered the work of Ericailcane

0aalaperelo.jpgAt the Biagiotti Progetto Arte gallery: La lepre, 2007

Ericailcane makes etchings, graphic art, street art (most notably in collaboration with street artist Blu as demonstrated in this video), animations, sculptures, installations, tattoos and loads of drawings. Inspired by Victorian children’s illustrations, the works are often macabre but never sad. They depict animals dressed like human in surreal situations.

0aericailcann8.jpgInstallation for Santa’s Ghetto, London, 2006

The work of Ericailcane is part of the collective exhibition Drawing Out 1, together with the drawings of Gabriele Arruzzo, Nicola Console, Dacia Manto, Federico Solmi and Nicola Toffolini.

On view at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Gallery through January, 18, 2008 in Florence, Italy.