Guide helps GPs treat a noggling in the lugoil

When Sicilians came to work in Turin for the FIAT industry forty years ago, they were given lectures of Piedmontese dialect to be able to understand what their colleagues were saying.

The story seemed hard to believe to me, but now I read that in 2004, Austrian doctors who are fluent in English and came to UK to help overcome a shortage of GPs have received a pocket guide to South Yorkshire dialect to understand the language used by some of their patients.

They have also been advised to watch films such as The Full Monty and Brassed Off to help aid their understanding.

knock[1].jpgAmong the expressions translated are “popped his clogs” for a death, “jiggered” for exhausted, and “champion” for feeling good. The greeting of “Ay up” for hello is also explained .

A host of anatomical terms are set out for a person’s “bits”, including “doofer”, “sparrow”, “widgy” and “Uncle Sam” for penis and “floo” and “tuppence” for vagina.

“Noggling” is defined as an indescribable chronic pain, and “boggles” is a nasal discharge.

Via Telegraph.