Inflatable paper sculptures

When in Wales a couple of weeks ago, i had the chance to meet Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes from ArtStation.

I totally fell in love with their projects, in particular, the computed architectural installations. Along with mathematician Joachim Mowitz, they wrote Splicer, whilst fellows at Amsterdam University in 1988. Splicer is an “unwrapiing” software the artists use to create virtual works which are brought to life by a drawing robot.


3D models of the space and of the installation are first drawn on a computer. The computer model is then used to find a series of co-ordinates, which are then turned into patterns to be cut out of paper. These are joined together to create the installation. Once assembled and filled with air by means of a fan, people can walk around in them. The structures also “breathe” as the inflation slightly ebbs and flows.


Pictures above show Immaterial, installed at the Royal Festival Hall in 2000. The labyrinthine structures, made from white paper and brown parcel tape, curve and sweep in and out of the pillars and steps and inflate with air.

More info in the PDF describing another of their installations in Brighton.