What artists can do with a PowerPoint presentation

Someone is dealing with my arch-enemy: the PowerPoint.

Pacific Film Archive video curator Steve Seid has decided to investigate how many people were using the software for other than corporate purposes. He issued a call for entries to 60 artists and forty-five of them have submitted their finest work.


The best will be shown at PFA on Wednesday, Dec. 1, at “PowerPoint to the People™: An Evening of Automated Digital Presentations.”

To befuddle the competitors, the first prize is $75, while second and third prizes get respectively $100 and $150.

“Because mastering this program is a questionable talent, you shouldn’t be compensated for how well you know it,” he explains. “With Power-Point’s strange limitations, the less of a master you are, the more you bring to it.”

Via del.icio.us / blackbeltjones.