What about videophone calls?

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What about videophonecalls?
I feel like agreeing with the post on Techdirt blog.
Videophonecall has always been a topic of discussion, research, years before the mobile boom.
now with mobile technology this trend is on progress as probably never before.
If we think of a technology and service that allows a user to have easy, cheap, good quality videophonecalls, we still have to consider if this application will have a mass success and usability according to those “hidden” social communication rules that always arise with the use of a machine to communicate.
Receiving a videophpnecall is much more intrusive. maybe too much. ok, but i can put a “switch off video” button! ok, but using it, i’m saying to the person who called me: “i do not want u to see me now” so, why? u got to hide me something so! etc, etc. what about a jealous wife?
With mobile phone we can always be reachable and reach everyone. but at the same time we are hidden. it’s an equilibrium beetween to appear and not to appear. changing this equilibrium, so linked to social rules, need a new kind of equilibrium.