Click click for wmmna!

Thank you very very much to for the nomination at the Bloggies 2006! we-make-money-not-art has been nominated as Best European Weblog, a category so prestigious there’s no prize at all for it but i beg you to vote for us all the same!


Also i’d like to invite everyone to vote for Information Aesthetics as Best Australian weblog; Poncho gets my vote and best wishes as Best Latin American Weblog; Best Craft Weblog should go to Make: Blog; my favourite Food Weblog is Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen; for Best Computers or Technology Weblog let’s surprise everyone and elect a girls’ blog, Popgadget; Best topical is Treehugger (a MUST win!); Best Group Weblog: WorldChanging; Best new weblog is Drawn!; Lifetime Achievement goes to the BoingBoing guys and Information Aesthetics is the Best Australian weblog (as written before. i like it so much.)

Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday, January 31.