Virtual blasphemy

Last week, we published a article about the “Church of Fools”, the first Internet virtual church.

The website attracts some 5.000 to 10.000 visitors each day (they can also make offerings via their mobile phone), but it seems that some “black sheeps” joined the congregation. Logged on as “Satan” they cursed, insulted and mock the ceremonies.

So the Church took strong measures to increase the security: it removed the “shout” function that enabled visitors to chat with the rest of the congregation, since some people used it to scream “Satan loves you”. The altar, pulpit zones will be closed to the public.

Guardians will also monitor the ceremony and castigate sinners adopting reprehensible behaviour inside the church.

Found on Noticiasdot.
To check the new rules, see the Church of Fools Website.