Utility pets

Taking in account that pigs can be ideal pets, it might be time to question the idea of having animal farms to supply human spare parts.

Elio Caccavale has imagined a scenario where the organ recipient takes home the pig and gives it a good quality of life until the day of the organ replacement comes. Thus, the evil of factory farming can be replaced with an enjoyable existence for the animal.

Caccavale designed a series of objects that investigate the emotional exchange between the person and the genetically modified pig that has been bred with elements of the owner’s genetic makeup.


The Smoke Eater allows the user to smoke at home without creating passive smoke that would damage the health of the utility pet. The owner doesn’t have to worry about damaging its own health since there are spare organs ready to be used if needed.


As the pig ‘oinks’, the Toy Communicator transmits the sound to the person when not in the company of the utility pet, creating an open channel between animal and person when they are not in the same location.

Among the objects designed are also a low resolution TV activited by the pet as its presence in front of the screen is detected via infrared sensors, a special table to share meals with the pig, a “comforting device” to comfort the organ receiver in her/his doubts about changes in his/her personality and appearance, etc.