Using artists to re-map Tokyo

It seems that starving artists play a vital role in the development of urban environments. They move in derelict zones because they can get more space for less money. Soon, cafes, shops and clubs open which, because of their location and artist clientele, tend to be cheap and interesting.

This bohemian cool attracts trendy non-artists, who come to eat, shop and live, and soon property value rises.


Tokyo does not have a real artists’ neighborhood. The producers of Central East Tokyo (CET) project want to change that, with the “Re-Mapping Tokyo” art exhibition which runs till Sept. 26. Visonary designers, artists, curators and architects, the “CET” organizers have put more than 120 artists into some 50 disused buildings located in forgotten spaces that have slipped from public consciousness with the decline of the central east area vis-a-vis the bubble economy. For 10 days the streets will come alive as crowds gather to view CET04 art installations and performances.
Many of the artists are on- site with their works.

From Japan Times.