Galactic suite

A Barcelona-based architecture studio, Equip Claramunt, and a team of engineers from Florida have developed the prototype of a new space hotel for tourists and astronauts.


Each room of the Galactic Suite is hosted in a capsule. The rooms are 7 meter wide and 4 meters high, they have no angle nor straight lines. Whenever they’d want to eat, sleep or watch the space through the huge windows, guest would “stick” –using velcro or similar systems– to some protuberances on the sides of the room.


Architect Xavier Claramunt explained that the hotel would be installed with the help of a space shuttle which would carry up to three rooms at a time. Up to 22 capsules in total would be affixed to the central nucleus.

So far only models and computer renderings have been created, the team is looking for investors.

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