Bar-code switching

Two couples (and up to 30 accomplices) have been charged in a price-switching scheme that allegedly defrauded Wal-Mart in 19 states of $1.5 million over the last decade.

Using a pc, the suspects printed bar codes for cheaper products and sticked them over the real codes on high-priced items. They then allegedly sold the goods, or returned them for refunds or store gift cards that also were sold.

The four face from eight to 20 years if they are found guilty. More charges are pending. (via MSNBC)


Reminds me of a project I saw at last year’s Transmediale. is a service which encourage people to enter in barcodes of cheap products, print them out on sticker-paper, and place them over the barcodes of expensive products. Their site is now down due to threats from Wal Mart attorneys, but you can still access the videos.

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