Train stations are following the wi-fi rails of airports

Amtrak and AT&T Wireless are now offering high-speed Wi-fi service in six of the railroad’s busiest train stations along the Northeast Corridor: Boston Route 128 Station, Providence, New York Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th Street Station, Wilmington and Baltimore Penn Station.

Existing AT&T Wireless Wi-Fi customers simply enter their user credentials to go online. For $9.99, others can connect to Wi-Fi service as often as they like, from a single location, within a 24-hour period using a credit card.

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Spanish railroad services Renfe is also equipping train stations with wifi access. But only in VIP rooms of AVE (the high-speed lines) station.

The first station to get ADSL Wi-Fi is Puerta de Atocha (Madrid) and within a month the stations of Córdoba Central, Sevilla Santa Justa, Zaragoza, Ciudad Real and Lleida will follow.

To enjoy the service, travellers will have to buy a personal card called “Tarjeta Personal Zona ADSL Wi-Fi”, (45 euros/a month) to get full access in all the stations o buy pre-paid cards (12 euros for 24 hours , 5 euros for an hour or 2 euros for 20 minutes).

From Telefonos Moviles.


Last year, Paris metro Wi-Fi project was a huge failure. Hardly anyone used it. But a year later, people should be ready for it: the installation of hotspot in train stations has met enthousiasm in UK, let’s hope it will be like that in Spain.