Run Porter, Run

I’m back in Europe, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

PORTA2030 is a performative urgency network exercise with PORTA-porters. For NodeLondon, PORTA2030 is launching its porta-pack, a wifi compact unit that documents, archives and transmits during the media arts festival.

PORTA2030 takes into account any given urgency scenario and mobilizes porters to propagate and activate a collective response through visual and sonic manifestation.


PORTA2030 chose East London’s Broadway market, a racially mixed urban block currently under regeneration plan, as the site for its public performance. The group is recruiting community residents – workers and artists, butchers and barbers, hooded youth and pensioners, etc – to act as “porters”.

Roaming in Broadway Market’s public wifi zone, PORTA-porters equipped with porta-packs upkeep the communal data and echo each other upon receiving urgency signals. Audio and visual data transmitted live from porta-packs and displayed in public view is then remixed, calling for public participation and intervention.

PORTA2030 holds 3 public sessions to discuss self-initiative networks, sign up PORTA-porters, conduct scripting sessions and porta-pack workshops, at Broadway Market, E8, London
March 15- Gossip (#62) – 3pm to 6pm
March 22- Fabrications (#7) – 3pm to 6pm
March 30- off Broadway (#63-65) – 6pm to 9pm

A project by Alexei Blinov, Ilze Black and Shu Lea Cheang, in collaboration with Hive Networks, RayLabHub, SPACE Media Arts and TAKE2030.