Toho Tokusatsu posters

The poster gallery.


Can’t remember how i stumbled upon this gallery. Wikipedia provided me with the information i needed to understand what these posters were about. Tokusatsu is the Japanese term for special effects. Live action productions (sci-fi, horror, monster movies, etc.) that primarily feature the use of special effects are also called tokusatsu. Toho is a large Japanese film studio that has been a leader in the genre. In the West, it is best known as the producer of many daikaiju movies (like Godzilla), the Choseishin series, the films of Akira Kurosawa, and the animated films of Studio Ghibli.

The posters on the website are a bit tiny, so i cheated and used an image from “Toho Amusement Park” to illustrate the post.

Bonus: bio of the monsters! Reminder: the trippiest blog in the world.