To the airports

00aafioe.jpgOff to Zürich for the Digital Art Weeks symposium and a very yummy-looking exhibition. After that i’ll be in Huddersfield for We Love Technology, this year the event will focus on interactive architecture, sound and games.

Then back in Germany. First in Kassel for, Paper and Pixel Week, a series of workshops and debates on the relationship between online and offline press, as part of Documenta‘s Magazine Project. The event is curated by our friend and guru Alessandro Ludovico. Then hop on the train and off to Dortmund for the Satellite Voyeurism workshop at the HMKW. Looking forward to that one too.
Say hi if you’re around.

After that i’ll spend some time in the most boring country ever because i need to get some rest from the constant excitement that Berlin provides me with. I’ll watch tv series, try some new blueberry face masks and read detective stories. That’s called holidays and i won’t be back in Berlin before the 9to5 festival-camp in August. I didn’t exactly get what it is about (alternative forms of works maybe?) except that it takes place from 9 in the evening to 5 in the morning, that everyone will be talking german but me, and that it is organized by the lovely Holm Friebe and when that guy asks you to “relocate your whole business” on the banks of the river Spree, you just follow the advice.