Inter Dis-Communication Machine

The previous post reminded me of Inter Dis-Communication Machine I tried at last year’s Ars Electronica.

Through this “Inter Dis-communication Machine”, two participants exchange their visual perspectives, which forces them to see things the other person’s way. You wear a heard-mounted display covering eyes and ears and a backpack with angel wings. Each HMD has two monitors and a video camera. The backpack is equipped with a battery, a TV tuner and a transmitter. A TV antenna is installed inside the wings.


The project deals with the fact that what we call the “real world” is just a construction out of subjective perception mechanisms. The situation created is that of a “double identity self” and “mutual identity”.

The machine was designed to allow for the possibility of kissing and making love. It was developed in 1993, but it’s still so mind-blowing.

Artist: Hachiya Kazuhiko. Picture.