The Unstabalizer

The Unstabalizer is a social application system for bars, clubs and any location or event which sells alcohols.


The Unstabalizer can turn a bar into a self-organizing system similar to a stock exchange. The price of a drink (a “stock�) is set based on demand. The more people buy a certain drink, the more its price will rise, causing the prices of other drinks in this alcoholic stock market to fall. The owners and organizers can also set minimum prices, to avoid loss due to “market dynamics�.

The system is built as a distributed Flash application. It consists of one central “Exchange� component, which centralizes the price dynamics, and several “Broker� components, which are placed next to the registers. The “Exchange� component’s Flash interface is used to input the initial prices and later to display the dynamic alcoholic stock market using engaging graphics and Flash animations. The “Broker� components’ Flash interface accepts requests based on people’s alcoholic desires. The requests are sent to the “Exchange�, which recalculates alcohol prices, refreshes the stock market screen and sends back the current price, which is then printed on a receipt. The “Exchange� component can handle simultaneous “Broker� updates and synchronize prices accordingly.

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