A Door to Paradise competition results

The results of Designboom competition “A Door To Paradise” are online.

The winning project was Dominic Muren ‘s Melody Door. The design of the wooden door allows visitors to knock a melody on the door. The melody is based on the African tongue drum and plays one full octave.

David Artuffo’s My door: always locked, very open mind has holes for interaction with others even when it is locked. Zippers let the cat/air/a kiss enter or simply allow your flatmate to pass you a ringing mobile phone or the toilet paper while you’re in the loo,etc.


Send an SMS to The Reminder door, by Li Zijian, and the next day,when you go out, the message will blink as your personal reminder.

Zhu Fei’s Music Door are fitted with LED lamps that shine in the night, and can change color. The lock transmits the mp3 files from the usb key directly to your door-player and the light dances whith the rhythm.


Image above is Kok Keong Wong’s electronic status indicator on door.