The Open Biometrics Project and its Keeper

The approach of conceptual artist Marc Böhlen combines structured scientific investigation with artistic intuition. Automation technologies were invented with the hope of improving everyday life, he notes, and in some ways they have.

Böhlen builds machines whose functions contradict their assumed utilitarian purpose. The Open Biometrics Project and its Keeper is designed to re-imagine — beyond issues of security and repression — how machines that use biometric technology are able to control our identities and validate our right to gain access to any space.

The Open Biometric Project and its Keeper software cracks open the clean fabrication of automated biometric identification at its root. The Keeper calculates and prints characteristic points together with their coordinates, type code (ridge or ending) and color-coded likelihood as a probabilistic Idcard for your reference. Keep this pint-out with your official documents. It will allow you to question other non-transparent biometric readers.


From Neural.