The new Holga

The mythic Soviet Lomo camera, born in 1982, gained cult-status for its slightly indinstinct images with distorted colours.

The same year Holga was created in Hong Kong as a cheap camera containing only the bare necessities for photo mechanisms.

The Lomographic society adopted Holga a few years ago and even offered an “Holga Starter Kit”.

But now they really tempt me as they further revamped Holga , proposing more equipments :


A color wheel to tint your flash with yellow, red, blue, or clear gels. A “B” setting to keep the shutter open for natural background / flashed foreground images, or pure nighttime long exposures. A tripod nut to keep Holga steady, and a 6×6 plastic mask for sharper images.

The Deluxe Kit includes also the Holga Filter Set. They even added my favourite application to take pictures of the people I don’t like too much: a titanium Japanese Fisheye Adaptor!