The MyoPhone

Rebecca Allen group at MIT lab is called “Liminal devices”, it studies the frontiers between the virtual and the real world.

The first project she presented yesterday was the MyoPhone.
While we are used to displays like those of PC, PDA or mobile phone, the MIT group is working on new displays that would leave our hands totally free, displays embeded into eye glasses, not the kind that make you look like astronauts, but normal eyeglasses. Displays are located both right on the lens and in the frame to give periferal vision.

Such displays won’t be used to read books but to do simple things, like to find a phone number or get information about a restaurant.

You can see the normal world through these lens.
And other people are not aware of the fact that you can see other things too.

The application is called the MyoPhone.

How does it work? When you receive phone call, you’ll know it because a LED ligth will brighten on the len, you can go on talking with the person in front of you and by contracting muscles, you will also be able to send a message to say “call me later”. Thanks to the chips placed on your muscles, all you’ll have to do to select data or scroll a page like a mouse is to tighten these muscles.
The interaction is subtle and intimate, the technology does not disrupt your physical environment.