A hotel just for you… and art lovers

A very exclusive hotel has recently opened in Liepzig. Hotel Everland consists of only one room, on the roof of the gallery for contemporary art in Leipzig (Germany) and is used for accomodation and as an art object at the same time.


Started in 2002 as an art project for Swiss Expo, the hotel has its own concierge. The guest gets the usual luxury treat: in room breakfast, wifi, mini bar, king-size bed, towels and shampoos in deluxe bathroom. At his/her disposition is also a MINI car with its own parking lot in the city centre.

The idea for this project comes from Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann who wanted to come up a paradox between public and exclusivity.

From June 2006 until August 5, 2007 you can take a peek at Hotel Everland during the opening times of the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst. After closing hours it’s reserved to the happy ones who booked Hotel Everland for a night. After Leipzig, Hotel Everland will land in Paris.

Via Max online. By the same artists: Lazy bone.
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