The Lunatics

The Lunatics is an interactive experience that guides you through the Lunatics tribe’s transformative journey from being consumers to becoming creators. The Lunatics have always worshiped the moon, but during more precarious times, they ignored it in favour of a more consuming light. They wanted more, more, more; and their cherished moon slipped away. One day, a Lunatic realized that living without the moon was no way to be and set off, with you by his side, to bring it back.


This 6.5 minute animated fairytale is presented using a new form of participatory theater, which blends the role of audience and participant. While wearing masks, you are transported onto the screen and into the story where you see, hear and physically engage with the tale’s themes. Your outlines are projected onto a movie screen and your movements trigger animations that affect the world on the screen.

Images and video.
Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab Alumni, Warren Brown, Louise Charlebois, Kirstin Hargie and composer Adam Goddard are set to install The Lunatics at the Emmersive Gallery in Toronto; exhibiting from December 1 to 11.

Thanks Kirstin!