The game of listening to music

ID Fuel has just published the results of the Summer Bonfire contest.

PLAY Outdoor MP3 Boombox, by Lyndon Craig , a designer from New Zealand.


PLAY is an Mp3 boom box, designed to be used outdoors. It is portable, has 360 degree speakers, and a large hard disk to store thousands of songs.

A wireless playlist controller can be passed around the group, allowing people to queue their own favorite tracks.
This same controller can also be mounted on numerous accessories, allowing it to be thrown like a ball, or fly like a Frisbee.

The aim of PLAY is to allow listening to music to merge seamlessly with the group activities we already take part in – hanging out, and playing ball at the park or the beach.

Previously, Craig had imagined –for the LG Electronics Design Competition– Stack, “a flexible and intuitive audiovisual multimedia and communications tool.”

Stack is based on building up functionality through different combinations of add-on modules, each stripped to it’s most basic function.