The Flirtbunnies

The FlirtBunnies never get tired of sending flirty signals of love to each other, even when they are apart. Whenever both ears of a FlirtBunny are pressed, wireless signals of affection are transmitted to the other. The other FlirtBunny then recognizes the flirtatious signal of affection with sounds of intrigue and excitement.


The bunnies are a matched pair (a boy and a girl). When one user holds both ears on the bunny they are wearing, a wireless signal is sent to the other bunny and on to aknowledge that wireless flirt, the receiving bunny will play a sound, sort of a “mmmm..ooooo..ahhhh”. The other bunny-wearer can then press their bunny ears in the same way and the flirt signal is sent back. The first bunny then makes its own sound. The bunnies have similar sounds, only in different pitches (lower pitch for the boy bunny and higher pitch for the girl bunny).

Each FlirtBunny hat contains a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver, an antenna, 2 switches (one in each bunny ear), an ISD voice chip (holds recorded bunny flirting sounds), a speaker, an Amp chip (amplifies sound from ISD chip to speaker.)

Created by Chip Beck and CK Chan as the final project for the Making Toys class, led by Yury Gitman, in December 2005.