Urban interactive photographic game

Citysnapper_game project, a collaboration between LAb[au] and Olivier Vandeera, is an interactive photographic game, using an online 3D electronic space and SMS server technology, relating the urban space with the web, and players with an urban photographer.


During one week, mobile phone users will be able to initiate the art process by asking the photographer to picture the place they want in the city. The photographer follows instructions (word, sentence, coordinates, riddle,…) posted via SMS by players, and, in return, sends pictures via SMS to a 3D modeling of the city on a web interface. At the end of the performance, players will be invited in the exhibition space to fetch a print (signed by photographer) of the image they gave birth to.

Citysnapper_game will take place in Brussels in June 2005. Several editions of the project are planned in the upcoming years on main cities of North America and Europe.

Via networked_performance.