The caring plant

Accenture Technology Labs in Chicago are working on a “caring plant” equipped with microphones, voice recognition software and wireless sensors to feel the presence of a patient or an old person and detect any subtle deviation from the daily routine.


“Let’s say the grandmother talks to her plant and complains about her illness or discomfort” explains Dadong Wang from Accenture “The plant will record and time-stamp every mention of this problem and communicate this occurence to the clinician.”

Emotion recognition software allows the plant to attach a deeper meaning to what is said “If the grand-mother is weepy unsteady or disoriented the plant is intelligent enough to cheer her up” he adds. Alternatively the plant can contact the care provider in real-time if it detects something serious.

The plant can qlso monitor its own state, reminding its owner when to water it or give it fertilizer.

Read in Wednesday s Wall Street Journal of Europe.
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