The Bluetooth ‘life-saving shirt’

A life-saving shirt that can call for help when its wearer falls has reportedly been developed professor Francis Tay from the National University of Singapore.

A sensor-transmitter system is attached to the shirt, can detect the speed and tilt of the wearer and, in case of a fall, it triggers the transmitter, which is attached to the bottom of the shirt.

Prof Tay models an early prototype of the intelligent shirt.

The fall is communicated via Bluetooth to the victim’s computer or mobile phone, which in turn alerts family or friends with a phone call, message or email.

Tay said the next step is to integrate the technology into the clothing through interwoven wires and optical fibres.

He and his team are working on models which are able to predict and pre-empt falls. “It’s not too far-fetched to design a personal air bag which could protect the wearer once the device senses he is about to topple over,” Tay told the newspaper.

Via Blueserker Sydney Morning Herald.
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