The alco-detector

South Africa inventor Noel Mey has created a device that can detect alcohol on a driver’s breath.

The “Alco-Detector” consists of a sensor, placed in close proximity to the driver, and a programmable control panel that can be fitted elsewhere in the vehicle.

As the sensor detects alcohol in the driver’s breath, it relays the information to the control panel, which either disables the vehicle immediately or after a short distance, giving the driver time to safely pull off the road.

If the driver open a bottle of alcohol when driving, the sensor detects it and the vehicle is disabled within a short distance.

In order to re-start the vehicle, the control panel needs to be re-set by an authorised person who is aware of its hidden location.

Mey warns that the device cannot be fooled by a drunken driver eating toothpaste or chewing gum before driving the vehicle.

Via IOL News.
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