Design Interactions Work in Progress Show

0dagodgenew.jpgIt seems that i should explain a bit better the background of the Work in Progress Show of the Design Interactions department at RCA, London.

As the text at the entrance of the show mentions:

The Department explores new realities, contexts and approaches for design in relationship to the social, cultural and ethical impacts of existing and emerging technologies. Projects, which are often speculative and critical, aim to inspire debate about the human consequences of different technological futures, both positive and negative. Students work closely with people outside the College, designing for the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied customers and users we are supposed to be.

Some of the projects exhibited at the Work in Progress Show still follow the traditional Interaction Design path. Others might seem a bit unusual, they are not pure fantasy but are deeply grounded on scientific research (a bit dramatized to make us reflect), they are not “interactive” in the sense that you can’t punch, grab nor jump around them. Instead, i found that they interacted with my brain quite intensely and it was extremely satisfying.

That was just my two pence, the show closes on Wednesday 31 January 2007. If you’re in London, do me a favour: just go, talk to the students and make up your mind.