A tele-tactic game of submission and fun

The Taser Tag is a project that explores the darker side of human nature and social progress through the familiar medium of game play.

The rules are simple. Once players get within about 10 meters (30 feet) of each other, they can shock other players by pressing buttons located in their headband. Those around them get a jolt of between 80 and 120 volts, depending on their distance. Or if you really want to hurt your opponent/friend, Taser Tag delivers an electric shock to his head the closer you get. But you get shocked, too.


“The working hypothesis is people will forgo their own safety to inflict pain upon others, and from what I’ve found out, from experience, it turns out to be true,â€? says Randy Sarafan. “People will continue to risk their own safety to continue hurting other people, and that’s pretty scary.â€?

In a civilized society, civilized individuals would not engage in “primitive,” violent, behavior. As such, it would make little sense that anyone would want to play, let alone, invent a game such as Taser Tag. Fortunately, we do not live in a so-called civilized society.

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