Augmented card game

TARBoard (Tangible Augmented Reality System for Table-top Game Environment) uses augmented reality and a tangible user interface to let users play board or card game in a more interactive.

TARBoard consists of a glass table, two cameras and a mirror. Markers are attached to the back side of the cards (the front side shows the creature). A first camera tracks the image of markers reflected in the mirror below the table. Another camera, the “augmenting” one provides a 3D model of a creature when the card is flipped. A player cannot see the card processed by the other player.


Each player has its own cards which represent a dragon, a wolf, a goblin, etc. A creature has its own characteristics, such as health, power, special skills, etc.

The attacker turns over one of his cards and places it near the battle zone where the creature is augmented. Then, the defender turns over one of his cards and places it near the battle zone to defeat the first creature. When two creatures fight, they attack each other in turn. The one which runs out of health is eliminated. Its card is removed from the deck.

A 3D audio feedback will be implemented in a later version to enhance realism of the game.

Developed by Wonwoo Lee (U-VR Lab) and Jongweon Lee (Sejong University).

PDF presenting the project.

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